The website of the game research group in the University of Tampere


The Game Research Laboratory in the University of Tampere is a top facility for qualitatively and quantitively oriented games research and part of a new School of Information Sciences (TRIM, Tampere Research Center of Information ┬áMedia – previously Hypermedia Laboratory). Both socially and culturally oriented, as well as experimental, design oriented means for examining games and players are being applied into the research, while paying attention to the various contexts of gaming.

GameLab is also a multidisciplinary research group specializing in games research, formed in the School of Information Sciences. Game Research Lab is constantly developing methodologies as well as building digital and physical research environments as well as designing new tools that are suitable for the study of games, game players and in game design research.

More information also at the main page of School of Information Sciences (SIS): and the Tampere Research Center for Information and Media (TRIM):